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Create workplaces where every employee feels heard, respected and valued. 

If you want to create a truly inclusive culture and do more than just "check a box" with your diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, then Inclusive Solutions is your answer.

Organizations like yours are learning how to create meaningful and lasting change after we connect with their whole organization from the C-Suite to entry-level.

Create an inclusive culture

Creating a culture of inclusion is the surest pathway to increasing diversity throughout your organization.  Structural and cultural change is only difficult if you are focused on the wrong things.  Individual initiatives need to be scrapped in favor of an organizational strategy.

Build systems that are meant to last

Diversity programs have barely changed in the 50 years since their inception, but the audience, need and social realities have altered dramatically in that time.  The result is that companies are force-feeding check-box diversity initiatives in an era where people are longing for meaningful, long-term organizational change that fundamentally develops a culture of inclusion.

Attract a diverse and talented workforce

With a more inclusive culture comes higher quality employees. Your company should reflect the type of people that you want working for you, and this presentation needs to happen from top to bottom. A diverse and talented workforce means less turn-over, more productivity, and higher levels of engagement overall.


It's time to make lasting change in your organization. Diversity trainings aren't enough, and they don't work. We address your entire organization to design an inclusive culture.

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The faculty behind Inclusive Solutions:

Creating a company culture that is inclusive and values diversity is increasingly important to bottom line outcome measures and for recruiting and retaining top talent.  Successful implementation requires both practical, hands-on training as well as strategic thinking and the development of organizational systems.  Unfortunately, most diversity training addresses only one of those two aspects leaving people with either tools, but no framework for implementation or organizational values that are not supported with practical skills. Our team consists of a Dr. Josh Packard, an organizational expert, Jessica Pettit, a diversity educator and trainer with over 20 years of experience, Megan Bissell a researcher, facilitator and practitioner and Megan Packard, our client relations expert.  We combine the best of academic and practical experience in this program to craft lasting solutions across all levels of your organization. 


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