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Providing diversity training for the entire organization

Diversity Done Differently


Diversity programs don’t work.

Here’s why…and here’s what to do about it.


The Problem

Diversity programs have barely changed in the 50 years since their inception, but the audience, need and social realities have altered dramatically in that time.  The result is that companies are force-feeding check-box diversity initiatives in an era where people are longing for meaningful, long-term organizational change that fundamentally develops a culture of inclusion. 


Programs have historically been built to diagnose, mandate and punish bias. Those programs address individuals, not organizations.  They may succeed in changing some individual behaviors, but they are not solutions to creating an organizational culture of inclusion that attracts and retains a diverse talent pool.


The Solution

Your organization doesn’t need MORE diversity training, it needs the right kind of inclusion training that is partnered with active organizational change. Your company’s issue with diversity is not a person problem, it’s a system problem.


 Creating a culture of inclusion is the surest pathway to increasing diversity throughout your organization.  Structural and cultural change is only difficult if you are focused on the wrong things.  Individual initiatives need to be scrapped in favor of an organizational strategy.

The Program

In this program, the team at Inclusive Solutions will

  • Articulate what a culture of inclusion looks like utilizing case studies and first-hand research.

  • Lay out a plan for your organization to make real, lasting cultural change.

  • Provide tools for organization to address diversity and inclusion issues from the frontline to the C-Suite. 

  • Assist you in identifying organizational goals to create an approach to inclusion that fosters diversity and supports overall organizational strategies.